Dinner at: Rosemary’s Pizza

From the team behind Rosemary’s, Bobo, and Claudette, owner Carlos Suarez adds another spot to his popular roster of restaurants in the West Village: meet Rosemary’s Pizza.

If you’ve been living in NYC for a while (or your whole life, like me), you’ve probably brunched at Claudette, tried to get in to Rosemary’s, or at the very least, walked past Bobo, shining bright onto 7th Avenue South in another prime locale. I can’t say that I’m shocked by this foray into the pizza game, if anything I’m more shocked that it didn’t happen sooner.

The space in Rosemary’s Pizza is bright and beautiful, with earthy wood floors, brick walls, and the signature Rosemary’s tiled “welcome mat” (as I like to call it). The pizza oven is in view, pumping out these unique Neopolitan pies, and if you walk further back, there’s a cute bar (almost separate from the restaurant) decked out in brick, wood, and marble.

If I were a betting woman, I’d say this will be the area where people will wait for a table. Try the Paper Plane cocktail with bourbon, amero, aperol, and lemon – you shan’t regret it.

The pizza was delicious, but I will be honest in that it wasn’t the type of pizza I’m used to, and I’ve had some creative pies before. The crust was also different than traditional Neopolitan, because Chef Wade Moises uses two different kinds of dough, making it a little less floppy (pro) and a little more evenly cooked and golden brown (con, in my opinion). I’m the person who loves those little black bubbles on a Neopolitan crust, so I felt like that was missing.

The Guanciale pie was probably my favorite, with perfectly cooked guanciale (like fancy bacon), fennel, and burnt orange. Absolute flavorbomb. BUT the burnt orange could be a little overpowering.

Definitely a great spot for a date or casual dinner with friends. Just keep in mind that if you’re a purist, I’d stick with the Margherita or the Pepperoni.

Rosemary’s Pizza

1 Perry Street

Website: Rosemary’s Pizza Menu


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