New Merch and Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

This is not subliminal messaging to buy my merch…

This is nottttt subliminal messaging to buyyyy my merchhhh…

Have you been hypnotized yet to buy my merch?

Fine be that way.

Ugh marketing is hard.

BUT! Speaking of…I was recently included in this list of Top 150 Food Blogs in the WORLD by BrandBallot. Not just the US, but the EARTH. I’m on a list with other blogs I’ve been reading for YEARS (sup Smitten Kitchen and Spoon Fork Bacon), so this is a pretty cool accomplishment after ALL THESE YEARS. Go me.

Anyway, I’m not sure how it got to be December 21st, yet, here we are.

I’ve been listening to Christmas music pretty steadily since Thanksgiving, and I’m STILL surprised Christmas is just a few days away.

Maybe it’s because we don’t have a tree yet.

Or maybe it’s because I have a festivus pole of sorts that I just leave decorated with garland all year round.

Either way, it’s here. It’s time. Christmas time is here. Simply having a wonderful Christmas time.

I fucking hate that last song. I refuse to believe that it was made by Paul McCartney.

But I digress. In the past few months I have gotten a slew of gifts from brands I’ve worked with, friends, and clients. And I thought it would be appropriate to share them here, in case you’re in need of anything from Amazon Prime and their lightning quick shipping.

Also please allow me to use this time to plug my own recently-launched Skinny Pig store with merch I created! Well I came up with the words and such, but an actual designer helped with the creative. Thanks Michael Criscitelli!

My personal faves are the “Don’t be a Pussy” mug and the “Boogers of the Ocean” oysters shirt…but that’s just me. Oh and I will caveat that my stuff will NOT get to you quickly, because their holiday delivery cutoff was December 4th. But hey, if you know anyone who was born in January…nothing says happy birthday like a beautiful, mildly offensive mug.

Anyway, here’s the rest of the gifts:

Oh! Nuts – for the trail mix lover in your family. Or the one who loves making acai bowls and smoothies. There’s plenty to choose from and I love their granola! Purchase here on Amazon or scroll down to the bottom for all the little Amazon buttons – just click those and it will take you right to the product page! How neat.

Bulletproof Coffee – for the workout fanatic or coffee addict. I love this stuff. LOVE. Their “brain octane oil” and Ghee butter is perfect in my coffee every morning. I also use the collagen protein packets in my smoothies. Purchase here.

Arizona Iced Tea products – ummm did you know they make cotton candy? Gummy fruit snacks?? Playing cards? And SOCKS? I had a really long conversation with my best friend last night about how much I love socks so I felt this was important to mention. They don’t have everything on Amazon so you’ll have to go to their actual website for all of it, but it’s WORTH IT. There’s SO MUCH ARIZONA STUFF. Ladies, there’s even a cherry blossom print one-piece on there:

NUDESTIX – for the girl who loves makeup but doesn’t love looking like she loves makeup. I am the epitome of that girl. I love playing with makeup but I never go too far out there with colors. These are mostly neutrals and I love the colors for the lips and cheek stains. You can buy on Amazon, but if you purchase here and use my code SKINNYPIGNYC you’ll get 10% off!

FuegoBox – for the hot sauce lover, this subscription gives you monthly deliveries of unique, craft hot sauces, some of which aren’t available for purchase in your own state. So if you’re a hot sauce fanatic or know someone who is, this is a great gift. They also have really nice gift crates for the holidays! Purchase here.

Yellowbird Sauce – for the hot sauce fanatic. Fun fact: FuegoBox is actually where I discovered Yellowbird and it’s now one of my favorites. I love their flavors and the green serrano one is delicious on basically everything. And if you’re a bit of a packaging snob like me, you’ll probably dig their branding too. It’s so cute and angry you just wanna squeeze them (onto your food). Purchase here.

I’ll add more as things come in, but happy HOLLADAZE!



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