Top 10 Gameday Recipes

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday! Do you know what you’re making??

Here’s a list of my top 10 faves that I’ve made over the years. Each one carefully selected using the following criteria:

  • popularity on Instagram/Pinterest
  • popularity amongst living humans I actually know
  • overall taste and appropriate for football snacking (i.e. things that are easy to eat or just downright gut-busting)

I used to throw a Super Bowl party every year at my apt in Brooklyn, and these recipes were staples. If you have any doubt on what to make, my absolute number 1 pick would be the wings. They’re super easy and everyone devours them. I made 100 of them one year and they were gone before half time, not even kidding.

I also recently made this BLT Dip, and it was a big hit at my friends kid’s birthday party. Definitely recommend that one too!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Be safe and make sure you call out of work on Monday.

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