4 Things I’m Loving This Week

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For the loyal readers out there (hi Mom), you probably saw a post like this a few weeks ago. I wanted to share more of the #lifestyle side of The Skinny Pig, since I get questions on it pretty regularly.

And yes, that includes my skincare regimen. I can’t help it if I have young-looking skin and people wanna know about it.

But anyway, this week I am about 6 days post-op from knee surgery, so I haven’t done much by way of restaurants, but I HAVE discovered some new shows/movies that I think will fit this list nicely.

4 Things I'm Loving This Week

  1. Veronica Mars. One of my friends has urged me to watch this, and I’m glad she did! I know there’s a movie/new season out after all these years but I’ve been watching from the beginning. The early 2000’s nostalgia is kind of awesome (hello Sidekicks and flip phones), and Kristen Bell is just the cutest. No but it’s actually an interesting show and her character is very sarcastic and witty, so I’m naturally drawn to that. It’s been keeping me entertained for a LONG while considering each season has about 20+ episodes, 45 mins each. Commit if you have the time. I am told you’re supposed to watch the first 3 seasons, then the movie, then the new season. All except the movie are on Hulu.

    credit: Film Daily
  2. Verity. OMG THIS BOOK. Jesus. It is MESSED UP but SO GOOD. I read it in 2 days, maybe less. And this was pre-op, so I was still living my life and managed to plow through it that quickly. Colleen Hoover typically writes Young Adult stuff, which I’m not really into, but this one was a departure from that and I think she did a great job. Suspenseful, TWISTED, and sexy all in one. Definitely a must-read. Link here to order!
  3. Ritual Energy. These “energy bars” are all organic and CHOCK FULL O’ CAFFEINE. They have a similar taste and consistency to Larabars, which I enjoy. They’re made primarily of dates, for that natural sweetness, and have 100 mg of organic green caffeine, which is equal to 1 cup of coffee. I had one this morning and I have to say, I didn’t even drink my coffee. And I’m a caffeine junkie so I was BEYOND skeptical. I still like the process of making and drinking coffee in the morning, but I would 100% have one for a little afternoon pick me up. Use my link here to order! The chocolate and peanut butter was my favorite flavor but toasted coconut is good too!
  4. Seven Sisters Scones. Here’s a fun fact: I never had a REAL scone until I went to London this year, and they are NOT like the scones we have here in America. They’re small and fluffy, usually with raisins. Seven Sisters Scones are much more like what I’m used to seeing here – a crunchy exterior with crumbly innards, kind of like a biscuit. These ship right to your door (thank god because I am not a baker), and they are fresh and wonderful. If you need something to bring to a friends house for a party or get together of ANY kind, these are a GREAT gift idea. Use my link here to order!

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