SkinnyPig Travels: What to Do and Eat in Seattle

Again, apologies for the delay on this one…I’ve been behind on life.

A lot of you have asked for a roundup of the places I visited in Seattle, so here you go! Please keep in mind, I was only there for 3 days and my knee was REALLY bad at the time, so I didn’t get to everything I wanted to. Being injured sucks.

To that end, I should mention that while Ubers and Lyfts exists pretty much everywhere now, it’s definitely a city that you want to walk around in. AND there’s a lottttt of hills. Think San Francisco, but nicer (at least it was to me, sorry SF). So if you have any physical ailments that might prevent you from walking, I’d just keep that in mind.

As always, the phone links to the google search for the restaurant/attraction.


  1. Din Tai Fung – Pacific Place – ok, I know this isn’t like, “Seattle cuisine” or anything, but it’s been on my list of places to go for years now and I think they only exist in California/Pacific Northwest and in Asia. So when I heard there was one in Pacific Place (a mall in Seattle), I basically ran there. I was starving, so I put my name down and waited about 15-20 mins for a spot at the bar to open up, where I proceeded to down 10 soup dumplings (best I’ve had), minced pork noodles, and cucumber salad. Because #balance. 
    600 Pine Street
  2. Fogon Cocina Mexicana – I stumbled upon this place as I was roaming downtown Seattle to find the Jimi Hendrix statue (I found it, it was great for all of 5 seconds). Turns out it also happened to be #tacotuesday so I went with my gut and gave it a shot. It was really good – awesome tacos, great chips and guac, and a nice selection of beers. Perfect little lunch. 
    600 Pine Street
  3. Maximilien – I heard a lot of people recommend this place for the views and the mussels. Located inside Pike Place Market, neither disappointed. I sat outside and had a couple glasses of pinot grigio to wash down my mussels in garlic and white wine broth. Oh, and obviously got an order of super crispy, salty fries to dunk in the broth. That’s the move or GTFO.
    81A Pine Street
  4. Matt’s in the Market – another highly recommended spot from my IG fam, and another located inside Pike Place Market. I sat at the bar and got to chatting with the very friendly bartender, who walked me through the menu. I decided on deviled eggs (cannot resist those on a menu), seafood & corn chowder, and a lightly fried Halibut “fishwich”. The fishwich was topped with thick, crisp bacon, aioli, and slaw. So so good. Everything was perfect, honestly.
    94 Pike Street #32
  5. Starbucks – before you all make fun of me, I just had to see it. It’s near Pike Place Market, and when you’re in the home of the original Starbucks, you go to the original Starbucks. Sorry I’m not sorry. The funny thing is, I waltzed right in here just looking for a place to sit when I noticed a ton of people coming in to take pics. It doesn’t look like anything special, per se, but it’s LEED certified with much nicer furniture than most of the Starbucks I see in NYC. Lots of hardwood and recycled items.
    102 Pike Street
  6. Chihuly Garden & Glass – if you’re into blown glass sculptures, you’ll want to add this to your list. Absolutely beautiful pieces, and you can go up to the Space Needle after! It’s in the same area. 
    305 Harrison Street
  7. Space Needle – I mean, duh. Do I really need to give you details on this one? It’s like going to NYC for the first time and not going to the Empire State Building. You gotta do it. I have a fear of heights and I still did it. Just do it. Plus, they have some really nice beers on tap at the top. 
    Seattle Center – 400 Broad Street
    Buy Tickets Here
  8. Sub Pop Records Airport Store – this was an interesting reco, considering it’s in the airport, but SO worth it! If you’re into music or know someone who is, this is a cool spot. TONS of shit on vinyl, as well as unique souvenir options like branded guitar picks. 
    Sea-Tac Airport – Concourse C
    17801 International Blvd
  9. Sunny Teriyaki – not sure if you’re aware (I wasn’t), but Seattle is known for it’s Teriyaki. Like the kind you get that comes in a styrofoam container with rice and a variety of sauces. I will fully admit that I was in pain with my knee so I ordered this to my hotel via Seamless. No shame in this game. AND OH MY GOD. Juicy, tender, flavorful teriyaki chicken with white rice and a sticky-sweet teriyaki sauce. I also got a side of fried dumplings which was a very, very good decision on my part.
    2035 NW Market St

Additionally, I thought it would be helpful to give you guys a list of places that other people recommended, but that I didn’t get to. The ones with a * next to it means they were recommended by multiple people. And again, if you have any recos, drop a comment below!

  1. Biscuit Bitch*
  2. Barnacle
  3. il Corvo Pasta*
  4. Altura*
  5. Canon*
  6. The Whale Wins*
  7. Cafe Munir
  8. Sawyer*
  9. Manolin
  10. Junebaby*
  11. Homer*
  12. Delancey
  13. Analog Cafe*
  14. Bateau
  15. Salumi*
  16. Delicatus
  17. Kedai Makan*
  18. Tamarind Tree
  19. The Butcher’s Table
  20. Thai Tom
  21. Piroshky Piroshky*
  22. Nue
  23. Cascina Spinasse
  24. Stateside
  25. Sushi Kasiba*
  26. Wataru*
  27. Un Bien*

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