Things I Loved in Food This Week – 10/16

It’s a crappy, rainy Friday. It was also a rainy Monday, but Mondays are supposed to be garbage so it’s fitting. This is just rude.

Still, I have a few things on the food front I want to share, and I can think of no better time. As always, there are some affiliate links in here and some offer codes for ya. Enjoy!

Graziella Coffee Company – I tried some of this delightful new coffee, where you can really taste the sweetness from the toffee & citrus notes. They’re giving you fine Skinny Pig readers 20% off with my code, SKINNYPIG. Link here to purchase: Graziella Coffee Co.

Otamot Foods – It’s TOMATO backwards. I know, that took me a second as well. If you’re looking for a way to get more veggies into your diet, this is a great way to go. I loved the sweet taste of this tomato sauce on my Banza chickpea pasta, and the carrot bolognese was a favorite too. The Spicy Essential Sauce is QUITE spicy, so consider yourself warned. I can tolerate a good amount of heat and even I had to mix it with the regular sauce. Link here to purchase (and should have a code for you soon): Otamot Foods

Mike’s Mighty Good – easily my favorite store-bought ramen. It’s organic, the noodles are steamed, not fried, and the broth is so rich and delicious. You won’t miss the stuff you ate in college (and you won’t feel like a giant bag of crap after eating it). Use my code SKINNYPIG for 15% off! Link here to purchase: Mike’s Mighty Good Ramen

Energy Bites – ok, so this is a little shameless self promotion on my part, but I love my little Energy Bites! They’re no-bake and ready to go in no time. Peanut butter, oats, coconut, sugar-free chocolate chips – what’s not to love?? Recipe here: PB Energy Bites

Skinnypig Wings – ALRIGHT AGAIN I’M SORRY but not really because these wings are ALWAYS a hit!! If you haven’t tried my recipe for these yet, you’re missing out. They’re boiled & broiled, so they’re NOT FRIED aka slightly healthier, and you can eat them plain or tossed with your favorite sauce. They fall right off the bone. Trust me, you won’t go back. Recipe here: Boiled & Broiled Buffalo Wings

Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing Sauce – sooo I normally make my own sauce of Frank’s Red Hot and butter, but I was feeling extra lazy (plus, like I said, I threw my back out), so I bought this instead. I love their BBQ sauce, so I figured it must be good. And lo and behold: delicious! Nice and spicy, with a good kick of vinegar. Link to purchase here on my Amazon shop: Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing Sauce

Hippeas – I may be late to the game on this one, but I AM OBSESSED with these cheez doodle-like snacks that are actually not terrible for you. They are made from chickpeas, organic, and gluten free. The Vegan White Cheddar flavor is my favorite, but I tried the Nacho Vibes flavor this week and it did not disappoint. Link here to purchase on my Amazon shop: Hippeas Nacho Vibes

Nakano Knives – I have been using this more and more. I made pomodoro sauce this week which requires A LOT of thinly sliced garlic, and the precision was EXCEPTIONALLY better than my other knives. This high quality Japanese chef knife is made of Nakano steel, with a Pakkawood handle that’s water resistant. Link here: Nakano KnivesAnd use my code SKINNYPIG for 10% off!

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