5 Unique NYC Summer Activities

It’s hot AF in the city. I don’t like it. The beaches, pools, and museums are crowded as well. Not to mention if you’re a city-dweller like myself, getting to a beach can be a bit of a trek. It’s just literally an entire day of sweating.

That said, life will not wait for nice weather! People need to see friends, date, play, etc., and while I do everything I can to avoid the hot weather, I made a list of five unique hot weather activities for you to enjoy (and hopefully cool off a bit)!

5 Unique NYC Summer Activities

    1. Take a Food Tour

    My friend (and former client), Ultimate Food Tours, offers two tours with indoor, comfortable, and climate controlled seating. I took the Chinatown tour before we worked together and it was informative, delicious, and fun! I haven’t taken Iconic Foods of the Lower East Side yet, but I’ve heard great things. They also have cooking classes if you’re averse to being outside at ALL.

    2. Book a Mixology Class

    Another client of mine, Leisurely, offers food and drink classes of all kinds across NYC. The Mexican Mixology class is a great way to spend a night, making cool, refreshing cocktails while snacking on chips, queso, guac, and more. There’s also an oyster shucking class at Pier 57, and a Cream Puff decorating class at West Village Bakery, Barachou. I’ve taken all of these and highly recommend them!

    3. Catch a Broadway Show

    If you know anything about me, you know I wanted to be on Broadway when I was younger. The theaters are comfortably air-conditioned, offering a wide range of performances from musicals to dramas. I just saw Illinoise and it was fantastic but I think it’s closing soon, so you can’t go wrong with a classic like Moulin Rouge, Wicked, or Chicago. MJ was excellent too, and if you liked the movie, Back to the Future was pretty fun! I also am dying to see Cabaret.

    4. Enjoy Indoor Markets and Food Halls

    Places like Chelsea Market and Time Out Market offer a variety of food options in a cool, indoor setting. You can explore different cuisines and enjoy the ambiance without worrying about the heat. Chelsea Market picks: Miznon, Los Tacos No.1, and Black Seed Bagels. Time Out Market: Pat LaFrieda, Fornino, Jacob’s Pickles, Pastrami Queen.

    5. The Museum of Ice Cream

    The Museum of Ice Cream in Manhattan is a fun and cool way to spend a hot day. This interactive museum offers unique ice cream-themed exhibits, tasty treats, and Instagram-worthy photo ops (my fave)! It’s a delightful place to indulge in your favorite summertime treat while staying cool.

    Let me know if I missed anything in the comments!

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