Author: Dara


Mayor Bloomberg Says Let’s Dance!

Now I realize this isn’t really food-related, but it’s good-times-related and that deserves some attention on my blog. The Cabaret License that has been in effect since 1926, may finally be getting repealed in NYC by Mayor Bloomberg. The 82-year-old law prohibits three or more people from dancing in a […]

Food and Drink

Real Housewife Muffins

Sounds like a recipe out of The Stepford Wives cookbook doesn’t it? Well in reality, it doesn’t work either apparently. "Celebrity Natural-Food Chef" Bethenny Frankel, from the annoying popular reality show The Real Housewives of New York City, has launched her own line of Vegan muffins from her health-conscious cookie […]


Oreo and Reeses Cheesecake

Yes, it IS as good as it sounds, and SO easy. This is my mom’s fantastic cheesecake recipe with a few of my favorite things thrown in like Oreos and Reeses. But please feel free to substitute with whatever chocolates you like. I’m definitely going to try Snickers next time… […]

Foodie Fun

The New York Culinary Experience

You know that saying, "I learned from the best"? Well now, when someone compliments your exquisite homemade bread or your pan-seared salmon, you can actually use that phrase and mean it. The French Culinary Institute and New York Magazine are hosting the foodie event of the season entitled The New […]


Hundred Acres

While it may sound like an antique shop somewhere up in the catskills, this surprising gem is actually a restaurant nestled in the West Village in New York City. When I first heard the name hundred Acres, I pictured trees, lakes, and a little cottage with a wood-burning fireplace. Now […]