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Williamsburg Welcomes Osteria Il Paiolo

Few restaurants can achieve excellence through so much contradiction, but Osteria Il Paiolo just might be one of those establishments. The rustic-yet-modern interior, with exposed brick and air ducts running across the ceiling, is set to a soundtrack of classic rock; the wood-burning oven (turning out fresh-baked breads) and meat slicer suggest traditional Italian […]

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Dinner at Tamba

Having lived in New York my whole life, I am fully aware of the abundance of foreign cuisine available at every turn, and as a result, there are few types of food that I actually consider "foreign." Indian food is one genre that is somewhat foreign to me, and for no real reason either. […]

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Dinner at Salumeria Rosi

 I am passionate about food. Obviously. But for some reason, I always get extra excited about wine bars, salumerias, tapas bars…even the cocktail hour at a wedding. Why? What do they all have in common?? Cheese, meat, variety, and deliciousness. Fortunately for me, I had the pleasure of visiting Cesare Casella's Salumeria […]

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El Paso Taqueria

So I’m a bit overdue on this one. I had brunch with Lindsay the Lunch Belle two Sundays ago and I didn’t get a chance to post about it. My sincere apologies. I love Mexican food, but Lindsay is something of a Mexican-food connoisseur, so I trusted her judgement when […]