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Easter Popcorn

I could easily call this “Unicorn Popcorn” to try and get more traffic to it…but I really hate things that are referred to as “unicorn”. I don’t know where or when that became the new food craze but it really grinds my gears that it did… So let’s call it […]

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No Bake PB Chocolate Chip Energy Bites

I don’t know why they’re called “Energy Bites” when they should clearly be called “Delicious Balls” or “OMGBalls” or “Amazing Breakfast Ball Oat Thingies” …….. I think I’m starting to see why they’re called Energy Bites. Moving on… I’m OBSESSED with these. They’re so easy to make, and you can […]

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Top 10 Gameday Recipes

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday! Do you know what you’re making?? Here’s a list of my top 10 faves that I’ve made over the years. Each one carefully selected using the following criteria: popularity on Instagram/Pinterest popularity amongst living humans I actually know overall taste and appropriate for football snacking […]