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Gen Z Slang Glossary

In this reel, I decided to poke fun at the way influencers speak, specifically those of the Gen Z variety. I’d love to say this was specific to Gen Z, but it’s not. I find myself using “literally” when it does not mean literally, all the damn time. And I am…an […]

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The Dabblers Take Miami

In yet another post brought to you by my friend Greg, I give you…the Neon Party and other random acts of foolishness in Miami. Just barely dodging Tropical Storm Isaac last weekend, Greg invited a bunch of us down to Miami for his 28th birthday. Why? I think the better […]

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New Heinz Ketchup Packets?

It’s a typical Sunday morning in NYC. I wake up around 11:30 AM, sit around for about an hour, and then I head out for brunch somewhere. I usually don’t go overboard with my brunch spot; it’s usually a bar nearby or a diner – I’m easy to please. However, […]

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The Baconator Trial

The burger that’s so monstrous, they had to give it a robot-superhero name. I can see it now: Jack Black is… "THE BACONATOR." What better way to start off The Skinny Pig than with a post about bacon? Well, being a Skinny Pig, a Wendy’s fan and a bacon fan, […]