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NYC Wine & Food Festival

It’s 9:40 AM on a Friday and I am already surging with excitement. Not because it’s Friday (although that never hurt), but because I just bought two tickets to an event at the first-ever New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by The Food Network and Food & Wine […]

Silly Stuff

The Baconator Trial

The burger that’s so monstrous, they had to give it a robot-superhero name. I can see it now: Jack Black is… "THE BACONATOR." What better way to start off The Skinny Pig than with a post about bacon? Well, being a Skinny Pig, a Wendy’s fan and a bacon fan, […]

Food and Drink


Welcome to my blog! I’m Dara and I’m addicted to all things food. Fine dining, home cooking, junk food, bar food, fast food – I eat it all. Throw in a glass of wine or a few cocktails and you have my life summed up there in a nutshell. I […]