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Sahara’s Turkish Cuisine

Rarely do I stumble upon a place in the city (and in Kips Bay, no less) that offers a meal that is delicious from beginning to end, but that’s what this place does. Sahara’s, a turkish/middle-eastern restaurant located just a few blocks from the Kips Bay movie theater and NYU […]



Walking into Marfa on the LES the other night, I can’t say that I knew for sure what I was getting into. There was a big steer head cow skull above the bar, paper bags used as candle holders (fire hazard?), and Marfa happens to be a city in West […]

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Waitrose Live: Digital Interactive Cooking Magazine

  I discovered Waitrose Live yesterday; a digital, interactive food and cooking magazine. For all of you commoners, Waitrose is an upscale supermarket in the UK, much like our Whole Foods here in the US, except the only mere difference is Waitrose has a "Royal Warrant" to supply groceries and wine to Elizabeth II (I'm sticking my […]

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New Diets for the New Year

Ah, the new year. 2010. The time of resolve and willpower is upon us once again. The time when we repent our indulgences and forgive ourselves for having that extra slice of pie and extra ladle of gravy. It's all ok, because it's January now. Can someone explain to me how January […]