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No Bake PB Chocolate Chip Energy Bites

I don’t know why they’re called “Energy Bites” when they should clearly be called “Delicious Balls” or “OMGBalls” or “Amazing Breakfast Ball Oat Thingies” …….. I think I’m starting to see why they’re called Energy Bites. Moving on… I’m OBSESSED with these. They’re so easy to make, and you can […]

Food and Drink, Recipes

PB & J Overnight Oats

Ok so I know I’ve admitted this many times, but I love oatmeal and I eat it for breakfast every day. EVERY. DAY. Alright, I suppose there’s the occasional hangover that requires a bacon-laden feast with ample room for carbs, but most mornings it’s a solid serving of steel cut […]