Offer Codes

This page contains affiliate links. Yes, I earn a small commission from these links if you buy, but if you enjoy me and my content and you’re going to buy anyway, might as well support and prevent me from moving back to my mom’s house.

First, here’s my Amazon shop, where you can find my recs for cookware, SNACKS & CONDIMENTS (important), fitness, books, and other random things like beauty products (I’m told I have good skin).

Link here: Skinny Pig Amazon Shop

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Magic Spoon: Use this link and my code SKINNYPIG for FREE shipping!

Mike’s Mighty Good: Use this link and my code SKINNYPIG for 15% off!

TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jam: Use my code SKINNYPIG and get 20% off! Link here

OG Garlic Whip: Use my code SKINNYPIG and get 10% off! Link here

Graziella Coffee Company: Use my code SKINNYPIG and get 20% off! Link here

Otamot Foods: This organic tomato sauce is loaded with veggies, and it tastes amazing. I can eat it right out of the jar with a spoon! Use this link and my code SKINNYPIGNYC10 for 10% off!

Nakano Knives: I love this Japanese chef’s knife so much, I even brought it on a road trip to an Airbnb! Super comfortable handle and high quality Nakano steel. Use this link and my code SKINNYPIG for 10% off!

Bilio Masks: If you have issues with your mask fogging up your sunglasses, these masks are THE BEST. The copper wire bow molds to the bridge of your nose. Use this link and code DARA15 for 15% off!

Please email me if there’s a brand you’d like to see on there and I’m happy to try them out. I don’t post about things I don’t like, so I’d have to try it first, but I trust you.

Happy shopping!