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Thrillist – Late Checkout, Gili Air

Thrillist – Late Checkout, Los Cabos

Thrillist – Late Checkout, Phuket

Playboy – Hotel Bar Review: Where James Bond and James Dean Would Share a Drink

Urban Daddy (photography): La Maison de Mokoto

Bravo’s The Feast: Chefs Most Bizarre Food Fears (SOBEWFF)

allrecipes: 4 Awesome Ways to Use Gameday Leftovers

Thrillist Original Recipe: Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

Thrillist Original Recipes: Campfire Recipes You Can Whip Up in Ten Minutes or Less

Thrillist Recipe Roundup: Easy One Pot Pastas

Thrillist Recipe Roundup: Creative Cauliflower Recipes

Thrillist Recipe Roundup: Healthy Make Ahead Meals You Can Freeze

Thrillist Recipe Roundup: Insanely Healthy Meals You Can Cook For One

Thrillist Recipe Roundup: Overnight Oats Are the Easiest Breakfast You’re Not Making

Food Network’s FN Dish: 3 of a Kind – Potato Crisps & Caviar

Food Network’s Chefs’ Picks: Favorite Winter Cocktail

Food Network’s Chefs’ Picks: Favorite Pie Bakery

Food Network’s Chefs’ Picks: Pumpkin Spice

Food Network’s Chefs’ Picks: Favorite Irish Pubs

Food Network’s Chefs’ Picks: Valentine’s Day Meals

Food Network’s Chefs’ Picks: Detox Meals

Bravo: Wanna be an Instagram Food Star? 9 Secrets You Need to Know

Bravo: Unforgettable Food Scenes in Oscar Winning Films

From The Grapevine: Interview with Eden Grinshpan of EdenEats.com

Springer Mountain Farms – Chef Story: Nick Anderson

Elite Daily: 6 People, 5 Places, and 4 Things That Make New Yorkers Crazy

Thought Catalog: The Do’s And Dont’s Of Food Snobbery

Travel Collaborations

HotelTonight: Los Angeles, Part I

HotelTonight: Los Angeles, Part II

HotelTonight: Chicago (What To Do & Eat)

Great British Food (Tourism Board): What To Eat & Drink in London

Great British Food (Tourism Board): Day Trips To Take Outside of London

Ritz-Carlton Hotels: Pentagon City

Wonderful Indonesia: What 2 Weeks in Indonesia Taught Me

Wonderful Indonesia: The Indonesia Beyond Bali

Wonderful Indonesia: Things To Do and Eat in Bali

Gurneys Hotels: Gurney’s Newport, Rhode Island

Recipes/Recipe Videos

No Kid Hungry: Green Bean Casserole w/Bacon

T-Fal Football Snacks Video: Cheesy Sausage & Peppers Pasta

Coastal Living – Seaglass Wines – 3 Ridiculously Tasty Seafood Recipes

FreshDirect Meal Kit Video: Spinach and Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese

FreshDirect Meal Kit Video: Sausage Pesto Pizza – Instagram Version / Youtube Version

FreshDirect Meal Kit Video: Spicy Korean Pork Farro Bowl – Instagram Version / Youtube Version

FreshDirect Meal Kit Video: Lemon Parmesan Pasta with Tomatoes

FreshDirect Meal Kit Video: Rosemary Pork Chops

Svedka Vodka Video: Bloody Mary – Big Game Promo

Brooklyn Hot Dog Co: Giant Pig in a Blanket

FreshDirect Meal Kit Video: Bucatini w Burrata and Tomatoes

FreshDirect Hamptons Delivery Post: Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich

FreshDirect Hamptons Cooking Post: Wings

FreshDirect Hamptons #tbt Post: BEC on Bun

FreshDirect: Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies

FreshDirect: Kit Kat Nanaimo Bars for Halloween

HelloFresh: Steak w/Scallion Chimichurri

Martins Potato Rolls: Shrimp Roll Toast Sandwiches

Chobani: Pulled Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

Chobani: Blue Cheese Turkey Burger Dip


Thrillist, The Daily Hit – Foodcasting: How to Take an Instagram Food Photo

Thrillist, The Daily Hit – Foodcasting: Best New Restaurants, Chicago

Thrillist, The Daily Hit – Travel Guide: How to Sleep on a Plane

Only Good TV: The Skinny Pig Feature  *note: password protected, enter “hooplaha” all lowercase*

ABC 7: Social Superstars – The Skinny Pig

CBS (TV): Insta-Celebs Share Success to Social Media Stardom

Capezio Brand Ambassador: Interview with Tanya Becker of Physique 57

Tasting Table Live: Making Chocolate Chip Cookies with Jake Cohen

Foursquare City Guide: Blind Taste Test – 5 Best NYC Chocolate Chip Cookies with @brunchboys

Extra Crispy: Best Croissants in Brooklyn with @noleftovers

Zagat YouTube: Hangry – A Documentary

Fox 5 (TV): Interview w/Dana Arschin at Skinflints Restaurant

Daym Drops YouTube: Review with Daym Drops on Cherry Valley

BrunchBoys YouTube (Cooking): Holy Ravioli Sandwich


BrandBallot: Top Food Blogs in the World

Romper: 21 Easy Fall Instant Pot Recipes That Will Warm You Up This Season

USA Today 10Best: 10 Best Pizza in NY

Feedspot: Top 40 Blogs in NY

Heritage Radio Podcast: All In The Industry

Health.com: How 5 Real Women Lost the Last 10 Pounds

Brit + Co: 9 Successful Women and What They’d Tell Their Younger Selves

New York Post: How to Use Instagram to Get Lucky

Guest of a Guest: Top NYC Foodies Share Their Favorite Dish of 2017

Playboy: Ranking Best Syrups & Spreads

Tasting Table: The 5 Kitchen Tools Your Favorite Bloggers Can’t Live Without

Thrillist (clip/quote): 17 Essential Ingredients Every Home Cook Should Keep Stocked

The Bacon Jams: Interview with SkinnyPig NYC

Eater (clip): Allswell

Grub Street (clip): Pinkberry Update

The Strong Buzz: Maison Premiere

The Strong Buzz: Review (Trix)

Midtown Lunch: Profile/Interview