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Marketing, PR, and Social Media Management

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in marketing and advertising, Dara is a digital media sales and marketing professional with a background in publishing. She has also been running this blog in NYC and reviewing restaurants/events since 2008. Taking all of those skills into consideration, Dara acts as a PR and social media consultant for many public relations companies and restaurants across Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


Recipe Developer/Creator

This one is fairly obvious, but Dara loves to cook and has been doing so since the age of 19. Her Instagram following (@skinnypignyc) has amassed nearly 90K followers since it’s inception. She has a creative (and gluttonous) mind, and is always looking for new recipes to create. Some of the brands she has created recipes for include FreshDirect, Chobani, Thrillist, Time Inc, and more.


Writing (Freelance)

This is also pretty obvious. Dara has written for numerous food publications and is a contributing writer for Thrillist (recipes), Food Network’s FN Dish, Bravo, Playboy, and has been quoted and/or featured on sites like Thrillist, Tasting Table, CBS, ABC, and more. Click the Portfolio & Press tab for clips and articles.