July 4th From Prime Meats

July 4th is around the corner and that means…BBQ! I can't wait. Give me a charred hot dog with some slaw and pickles and I'll be happy. Yes I like burnt hot dogs, so what? 

Prime Meats is handling the meal for you this year, with assortments of burgers, dogs, sides and beer. The larger version goes for $145 and includes 8 burgers (with buns), 8 dogs (with buns and kraut), potato salad, pickles, and 3 growlers of PM Pilsner. A growler is not a dog, fyi. It's a half-gallon jug that holds beer. Hooray, you learned something today. The smaller package is $85 and includes 4 dogs (with buns and kraut), 4 burgers (with buns), potato salad, pickles, and 2 growlers of PM Pilsner.

Thank you, America, for being the land of meat-eaters anonymous. Cheers! 


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  1. Yes,I think so,too.

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