Shrimp Boil Next Saturday at Ardesia

Ardesia shrimpboil

All you can eat situations are both tempting and frightening at the same time, but somehow with shrimp it seems less gluttonous..

Ardesia, one of my favorite wine bars in the city, is hosting it's 2nd annual Shrimp Boil next Saturday, Aug 27th. For $30 per person, from 4-7 pm, chow down on shrimp, corn, potatoes and more. A glass of beer, ros̩ or Ardesia's signature wine is also included. Gotta wash all that down with SOMETHING, right? And Ardesia has a lovely selection to choose from Рin fact, Eater just named Ardesia one of the top ten "Impressive New York Restaurant Bottle Walls".

Get your seats here.



510 West 52nd St btwn 10th and 11th aves



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  1. Walter Ng is due in bankruptcy court tomorrow afternoon, and many of the investors are mobilizing to attend the hearing. I’ll be there as well and report back to you.

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