My Starbucks Cup Goes to Cali

Sbucks Cali

I have returned from the Golden Coast, and after a day or so of actual work, I gallivanted all around town while still making my daily trips to Starbucks. Not ONCE did they get my name wrong. Do I take this as a sign and pack up and move out there? Do they "get me" on the west coast?? Nah…I don't think anyone "gets" me, but I think California people are laid back enough to simply ask how to SPELL my name. The guy even asked me how many inches of soy I wanted on my latte. Seriously? I've never even been asked that..? 

There are many yummy bites from San Fran, Napa, Sonoma, and Sausalito coming your way so stay tuned! 

In the meantime…these were just funny.

Cali GPS
I'm not sure what Cow Palace is..but I feel like I should live there. 

So laid back…they just forget their pants on the street.

I realize a toilet is not very appetizing. This is a prison cell from Alcatraz. Awesome tour. Reminded me of High School.

Ok more appealing pics to come..  



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