#NeverForget: A Message Dedicated to New York City

I’m a New Yorker. I know what “brick” means. I know that a bacon egg & cheese should be on a roll and not a bagel. And I know there’s a difference between “the city” and every other borough.

These are silly examples, obviously, and there are many real things I love about New York, but this isn’t really about that. We all know the reasons, and that’s why so many of you are here and never left. PS – I am one of those people. 

I have traveled to many places outside of New York, but I have always chosen to live here. My job is remote, so I can work anywhere, and yet, I stay. Over and over. Why? Perhaps I like a little crazy with my coffee.

With all of the fury that this city can place upon your shoulders in a matter of minutes, it also can bring waves of serenity. It’s rare, but I live for those moments.

I walked through the park today and it’s so beautiful out, I have never felt so calm. Three blocks later, I witnessed a fight between a man and a mattress. Yes, he was yelling at a mattress. And I watched. For a while.

I bring this up because it drew a weird parallel in my mind. This morning is eerily similar to the morning of 9/11/2001: clear skies and perfect weather. But in just a few hours, it became one of the darkest days in history. And unfortunately, we couldn’t do anything but watch. 

People say they come here to live the dream, but on that day, we lived a nightmare. One that took us years to come out of.

On the other side of pain there is joy, and they say “the only way out, is through”. So if you can find your way out, and find a way to embrace the joy in the insanity of this city, then you can truly call yourself a New Yorker. 

Thinking of those who lost their loved ones 20 years ago, to this day. I hope you’ve found peace and happiness again. That was one nightmare I hope we never relive, but I know we’ll #neverforget. 

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