NYC Winter Restaurant Week 2009

So it's that time of year again. Time when I make the false statement about how I want to start eating healthy (being that it's a new year and all) and then…Restaurant Week appears and it all goes to shit. Shocking. It could be that I have no real intentions of dieting to begin with, or dieting physically pains me so much that I just look for any excuse to go running to the first caloric bomb I see. Either way..the self loathing ensues and before I know it I'm wrist deep in fondue or some other fatty masterpiece. You call it gluttony…I call it fate. 

This Restaurant Week, I have only made 3 reservations so far: Primehouse, Molyvos, and Convivio. Not a bad selection if I do say so myself. Steak, Greek and Italian; three of the six food groups. Just kidding…kind of. I've heard mixed reviews about Primehouse for restaurant week, I've heard good things about Molyvos, and Convivio was just rated in Adam Platt's "Where to Eat" guide 2009 in New York magazine as one of the best new restaurants of the year. That's my favorite part about restaurant week – you can eat at some of the best places (that you normally can't afford) for a fraction of the price. The only thing they tend to leave out is a signature dish, which kind of pisses me off. If Convivio was known for it's amazing tagliatelle pasta with crabmeat (totally making that up by the way), why not have it on the restaurant week menu so people can try it? I think that's actually smarter than the way they do it now. Because if I eat something amazing during Restaurant Week that's not on the normal menu, why would I pay full price to go back there again knowing I can't have that awesome dish again? Now if they have a few of their regular items on the Restaurant Week menu, and I just happen to love it, it would be worth it to go back and pay the full price. I believe that was the whole point of Restaurant Week to begin with, but somehow it has gotten away from us. We have lost the values of Restaurant Week. I blame the economy…

That said, I still look forward to Restaurant Week, and I'm sure I'll be saying goodbye to my diet and hello to my stretchy pants come January 30.

Restaurant Week info and participants: here.


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