99 Miles to Philly Open in Midtown

So the other day I'm walking down 52nd street and I notice that my reliable greasy burger joint "ZipBurger" has been shut down and replaced with "99 Miles to Philly," a cheesesteak chain from downtown. Needless to say, I was both sad and elated at the same time. I have always thought that there weren't enough cheesesteak places in the city, and now one opened up right on my block! I guess if you want something badly enough in your heart and stomach, wonderous things can happen.

Anyway, I had to try it immediately, so I ordered the original steak sandwich with onions, peppers and Cheez Whiz. Keep in mind,you can choose either steak, chicken, or vegetable (who would do that?), and the cheese options are American, Provolone and Cheez Whiz. You order by selecting your meat (or non-meat), cheese, and "wit' or wit' out" onions. I swear that's how they write it on the menu. And you can also get peppers, mushrooms, hot peppers, pizza sauce (?), and chili on top. Sides include fries (which can be topped with chili and cheese of course), onion rings, potato salad, macaroni salad, pickles and sour tomatoes. 

So here's my analysis – now I have never had a REAL philly cheesesteak from Philly, so I can't compare to the greatness, but I've had many an imitation cheesesteak. In terms of flavor, it was pretty good…nice and greasy, salty, very cheesy, but definitely lacking in the meat department. The meat is sliced so thin, and while that's the way it should be, in order to keep it from getting lost in the hoagie and cheese, you need to really pile it on. I really liked the Cheez Whiz though I have to say. And I don't care what that makes me. So in short, I would definitely order from them again, but I think that's partly because I have a cheesesteak deficiency and there's no where else around me that serves cheesesteaks.

Beggers cant be choosers.

99 Miles to Philly
300 1/2 East 52nd Street  (no that's not a typo) between 1st and 2nd ave

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