Japanese Calamete Fork: For Your Noodle Needs

Noodle Fork

Every so often, a new little gadget comes out that makes me wonder – why the HELL didn't I think of THAT?! This would be one of those times. Figures…on a Monday. Anyway, behold if you will, the Calamete Fork. This ingenius little fork has an extra smaller tine on one side, making it easier for all you non-dextrous people (such as myself) to eat noodles. I have been around my share of Italians, and I have never been able to do the fork and spoon-twirl thing. All it does is make a lot of noise and just prolongs the pasta from getting to my mouth. I have also discovered this is part of the reason why Italians take so long to finish a meal. And don't get me started on chopsticks. I can use them, but if I'm really hungry and staring down a bowl of Udon, grabbing one long, slippery piece of noodle at a time just frustrates the shit out of me. So leave it to Japan to come up with a simple, yet brilliant solution: a fork with a thumb. Domo Arigato.

PS: if you have time to browse around the Japan Trend Shop – you will realize all the things you never knew you needed, like the "Shouting Vase," or the "Pee Without Noise Stool."  The illustrations are meant to be taken seriously I think, which makes it even funnier.

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  1. Where can I purchase a Calamete fork?

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