Jelly Belly: BeanBoozled For Halloween

Remember the days when you used to use real pieces of candy to play Candyland? Or real cheese in Mouse Trap? Was that just me? Probably. But now, you can get BeanBoozled!

A quirky little game from Jelly Belly, you spin the wheel and land on a color of bean, and that color will either be a yummy Jelly Belly bean that you know and love, or it will be flavored as something downright gross. Example: Will your yellow Jelly Belly be Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg? Or will the brown one be Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food? Sounds like an awesome game to play with those pesky little kids who ring your doorbell all the live long day on Halloween. Just buy a bag of those beans and put out a nice little bowl for the neighbors. Trick indeed! 

See pic below for flavor pairings.

Jelly belly beanboozled 

I think Jelly Belly might be forgetting the fact that there are plenty of kids out there who would think that "Booger" and "Pencil Shavings" taste good. I'm surprised the white flavor isn't "Glue."

Yea laugh. You know who you are.

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