Loreley Williamsburg Opening Tonight

Now that I live in Williamsburg, I feel it is my duty to be on top of this stuff. Loreley Restaurant & Biergarten will be opening tonight on 64 Frost st at Meeker Ave, and in true Williamsburg fashion, it is housed in what used to be an old gas station. Those hip Brooklynites are so resourceful!

At Loreley Williamsburg, chef Torsten Ziebold (who hails from Germany as well) will be serving up traditional brewpub fare like pretzels, Schaeller & Weber sausages (so good), schnitzel, frikadelle pork meatballs, gulasch and sauerbraten. And the all-German beer list features 12 beers on tap as well as bottled beer, cocktails, and (mostly German) wines.

 The first 100 guests will get a free glass of Gaffell Koelsch from owner Michael Momm's hometown of Cologne, Germany.

If my head wasn't exploding from this cold I have, I'd be in there like swimwear.

Loreley Williamsburg
64 Frost St @ Meeker Ave

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