World Nutella Day

How did I miss this?? I'm very sad that I missed the 5th annual World Nutella Day this past Saturday, February 5th. I didn't get to submit my own recipe and I have quite a few. DRAT! Perhaps I can whip up a batch of Nutella and banana wontons or Nutella and strawberry stuffed sandwiches before I head out to Costa Rica this week. That's right – Skinny Pig is going global for a much needed vacation soon.. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to check out some of the entries for World Nutella Day and drool over the recipes (like I just did), check out Ms. Adventures in Italy or Bleeding Espresso, both of whom are spreading the word about World Nutella Day.

This is not one of my own creations, but as I was daydreaming of Nutella, my mind went to this ridiculous thing I had at Olio, the pizza/panini restaurant in the West Village. It was a "Nutella Pie" and it was insane. Two crispy yet fluffy pie crusts sandwiched together by a heaping mound of warm, gooey nutella with slivered almonds, then dusted with powdered sugar and a drizzle of MORE Nutella. Sugarshock maybe, but oh so good.

Olio nutella pie 1
You can't make this stuff up.

Olio Nutella slice
What a sexy piece of pie


Happy Belated!

For more info on World Nutella Day, click here.


  1. Lovely! Even if it’s a bit late, thanks for helping to spread the word about World Nutella Day 🙂

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