National Chip and Dip Day

In case you didn't know…today is National Chip and Dip Day. Uhhhhh right. Who decides this crap?! I don't know if I'm more bothered by the fact that there is a day dedicated to chips and dip…or the fact that some asshole out there gets paid to come up with nonsensical holidays to support the marketing efforts of the various companies that supply his paycheck. ARGH. And prior to him there was the guy from the 50's who came up with a serving set that holds both chips AND dip and called it a "Chip & Dip". What a genius! He probably became a millionaire. My mom still has hers. It's in the shape of a f&*%ing watermelon. Go figure. 

Fine so I'm a LITTLE short-fused today. I have my reasons. That said, I actually do like chips and dip. It used to be one of my favorite after-school snacks: Wise onion dip and Lays potato chips. Simple and classic. Now that my palate is more fine-tuned, I enjoy many different kinds: guacamole and tortilla chips leading the pack, followed by pita chips and hummus, then spinach-artichoke dip, and last (but not least) would be chips and queso fundido (cheese dip!). My friend Jess LOVES making cheese dip. She made some at my Superbowl party and it solidified to the pot. Must have a similar effect on the arteries. My other friend Marisa also shares our feelings for queso dip, and I quote: "I would do horrible things for queso dip and a margarita right now". It's 10 am, fyi. Everyone is a little on edge today. 

Here are some of my favorite places for chips and dip..

Guacamole – Tio Pepe, Cascabel Taqueria, El Paso Taqueria, Mama Mexico, Caracas (in BK)

Queso fundido - La Palapa, El Paso Taqueria

Spinach artichoke dip - 5 Napkin Burger, PJ Clarke's

Hummus and pita – Sahara's, Al Bustan, Mamoun's Falafel 

Guac and chips from Cascabel Taqueria


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