Vegan Cookie from City Bakery

City Bakery vegan cookie half 

I'm kind of tired today, so this is not going to be an exceedingly verbose post. Plus I think the pictures are worth 1,000 words. When I came back to the office with this as my snack, LG laughed and said "that is NOT a real cookie!! that's a HEALTHY cookie!" She has a point. This is a VEGAN cookie from City Bakery in Union Square. Not exactly something you're used to seeing on The Skinny Pig, I know, but not everything that is delicious contains bacon. Usually, but not always. This cookie is all natural, made with oats, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and filled with jam. How much do I love JAM?! City Bakery is definitely known for their more indulgent chocolate chip cookies and pretzel croissants, but this was tasty in it's own right damn it! Another coworker tasted it and said that while it was good, he wouldn't necessarily classify it as "cookie". This is what happens when I try to be "healthy"…

 City Bakery vegan cookie coffee
Chewy and slightly sweet, with a cup of coffee..

City Bakery vegan cookie close 2 
Look at that huge dollop of jam. Mmmmm jam.


  1. I was a shy teenager, glad to have anyone talk to me.^

  2. YES.i love it very much. thank you for sharing it with us.

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