Happy Friday!

In keeping with the Friday tradition, I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

There's good news and there's bad news.

Good news: Apparently there is a restaurant coming to Midtown shortly that will be dedicated solely to…you guessed it…BACON. Mmm bacon. The concept was derived from "everything being better with bacon" and "cutting down on salt doesn't mean you have to cut down on bacon". Rightttt… So there will be items such as bacon mac and cheese, bacon sliders (no burger patties, just piles of bacon on buns), bacon on a stick, bacon jam (JAM!) and bacon cake. Yes…that is a white cake studded with bits of bacon. What could be bad about that?? Well…read below..

Bacon types




Hehehe. I made that up. Sorry. I'm not going to lie – as I was writing it I stopped and thought "I'm kind of sad this isn't true.."



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  1. welcome to our site,wishing u are well and happy all days!

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