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1 – Living Social is launching "Instant Deals" tomorrow, a new feature on their smart phone app. What does this mean for you? Lunch for $1! I'll elaborate. To help promote, they are giving lucky readers (and email subscribers) like you 100 lunch options for $1 all over Midtown. The deal will go live tomorrow on the app at 6 am and will be available for redemption from 11 am – 2 pm only. More details on LivingSocial Instant Deals below:

Real-time discounts to your fave restaurants and bars

Save up to 60% at hundreds of locations all over midtown

Buy it on the web at livingsocial.com or on your smartphone. 


2 – Midtown Lunch's "Midtown Lunch'er" of the week is yours truly – hooray!





  1. Yes,I think so,too.

  2. These peceis really set a standard in the industry.

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