Monday Smorgasbord: June 13th

This week in food looks like..Malaysia..?

Places I'd Like To Try ASAP:

La Birreria – the new beer garden in Eataly. If the line to get in wasn't about 9 miles long, I would have gone already. 

Lobster Joint – more lobster?! Seriously? 


Places YOU Should Try ASAP:

My Moon – Mediterranean spot in Williamsburg. It's one of my faves and they have good food and an awesome outdoor seating area. 

Jeffrey's Grocery – From the owners of Fedora, this cozy spot (and Oyster bar) in the West Village is perfect for drinks and dinner. The friendly staff keeps the level of pretentiousness down somewhat too.


Foodie Fun

Malaysian Restaurant Week kicks off today through June 19th, where select restaurants all over NYC, NJ and CT will be offering a prix fixe menu of $20.11. Restaurants include Penang, Laut, Fatty Crab, Stanton Social, SHO Shaun Hergatt, and Betel. There are many in NJ and CT participating as well. Click here for more info. 

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 19th and many places are doing dinner and drink specials. More on that later. I'm too lazy right now. 


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