The Skinny Pig Bingo Card

It’s time to play Bingo ladies and gents! Well, not exactly. The lovely people over at Flight Centre have created this awesome Bingo card for The Skinny Pig, and I invite all of you to play around with it. I have been blogging since 2008, and they put this together for me as a fun recap of some of my favorite reviews! They were looking for blogs that feature the “real NYC” and I was fortunate enough to make the cut – guess living here my whole fat existence paid off. Click on the images below and it takes you to my reviews! Pretty awesome, I say. Also pretty awesome? Flight Centre. They are your source for cheap flights to NYC – ya know, just in case you want to make a trip to any of the awesome restaurants you read about below… wink wink.

Live link to Flight Centre: Cheap Flights to New York

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  1. OMG… Take me there NOW! … literally want to stick my face in those falafel. After work, will take some time out to read all your reviews, love my food!:)

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