Favorite Pasta in NYC for #NationalPastaDay (2019)

Another social media “holiday” is upon us. Everyone rejoice!

Just kidding I don’t really understand them but it gives me a lot of inspiration for #content, so let’s do this thing.

National Pasta Day is October 17th evidently, so in order to celebrate accordingly, here is a list of some of my favorite places to grab a bowl of carbs. As per usual, in no particular order because I think they’re all pretty great. I also made a note of my pasta of choice, if there is one.

If you have a suggestion that you don’t see here, drop it in the comments!

Favorite Pasta Joints for National Pasta Day

  1. Carbone – the spicy rigatoni vodka, hands down. And don’t sleep on the garlic bread either.
  2. La Pecora Bianca – almost any pasta they make is great, but I love the cacio e pepe, spaghetti pomodoro with burrata, and the campanelle with wild mushrooms arugula pesto.
  3. Don Angie – I almost always get the lasagna for two, but I’ve tried their other pastas and have never been disappointed.
  4. Casa Apicii – Loved the paccheri pasta with Italian sausage bolognese, caramelized onions and smoked mozzarella.
  5. Cecconi’s – Tagliatelle with beef bolognese, agnolotti with black truffles as well.
  6. Antica Pesa – easily my favorite cacio e pepe in Brooklyn, maybe in NYC. The original location is in Rome so that must count for something, right? 
  7. Lavo – this place gets pigeonholed into being only a nightclub, but the food is actually solid. The pappardelle bolognese or the spaghetti and meatballs are both great.
  8. Bar Pitti – Love the lasagna, and I rarely order lasagna so that should say something.
  9. Ainslie – this brand new spot in Williamsburg is not only beautiful from an aesthetic perspective, it’s got great food. The linguine with clams (vongole) or the house-made spaghetti are my faves.
  10. Olio e Piu – I love the vibe in here (and outside, weather permitting), but I love the pasta and pizza more. Can’t go wrong with the spaghetti chitarra carbonara.
  11. Old Rose – Another spot with great decor inside the Jane Hotel, but I really come for the pasta. Any of them are worth a try.
  12. Fiaschetteria Pistoia – cozy space in the East Village (and a new location in the West Village) with some seriously delicious pastas. Love the pici cacio e pepe.
  13. Tony’s Di Napoli – you may laugh because it’s “touristy” but they make a damn good red sauce and I’m not ashamed to say it. The baked ravioli was so good. 
  14. Scampi – All the food was good here, but I would go with the namesake pasta, the shrimp scampi. Made with mafaldini pasta – it’s oh so buttery and garlicky.
  15. Harry’s Italian – Another place with a damn good cacio e pepe, but definitely heavy on the cheese, so if you’re expecting a lighter version, this isn’t it. 

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