Things I Loved in Food This Week

In my new quest to create more content off of Instagram, I bring you: Things I Loved. This will (hopefully) be an ongoing thing each week in different categories (food, health, etc), but for now we have a lot of food stuffs to catch up on.

I just really wanted a place to expand a bit on the things I try, and this felt like a much better way to do that as opposed to Instagram stories, which disappear. Plus, there’s some offer codes in there for ya. Enjoy!

The Smith at Home – I love The Smith, and they sent over a little sampling of the offerings from their new home delivery service. If you’ve never had their mac n cheese, now is your time to try it in the comfort of your own home! Easily one of my favorites. And who knew they had great pizza too?? Link here to purchase/order.

Parklife BK – Checked out this awesome spot in Park Slope recently, and loved every piece of it. The outdoor space (which shows movies on a projector screen and trivia on Wednesdays), the tacos, and the most velvety queso dip I’ve had in recent memory. Check them out here: Parklife BK

Nakano Knives – if you’re serious about cooking, you need a good knife. Dare I say it, a great knife. This one is not only great, but a stunning piece to add to your kitchen. This high quality Japanese chef knife is made of Nakano steel, with a Pakkawood handle that’s water resistant. Link here: Nakano Knives. And use my code SKINNYPIG for 10% off!

Lemongrass & Lime – one of my favorite chefs in NYC, and one of the first folks I interviewed when I began freelance writing! Love her restaurants, Pig & Khao and Piggyback Bar, and this book is a grand collection and glossary of Southeast Asian cuisine. Everything from Pad Thai to Sinigang and Beef Rendang – the photography is gorgeous too. Pre-order here on Amazon: Lemongrass & Lime

Ampia Rooftop – I know we only have probably a few more weeks of outdoor dining weather, but soak it up while you can in this gorgeous space. Ampia has these cute little “houses” that are enclosed if you’re still not ready for that indoor dining experience. You can be in and out at the same time! The gnocchi is the star of the menu here, and the meatball appetizer was a little overcooked, so I’d skip those and go for the burrata/prosciutto app instead. Check it out here: Ampia Rooftop

TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jam – I’ve been a fan of these guys for a long time, but admittedly haven’t shared it on IG in a while. Just because I didn’t post it on Instagram doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, believe it or not. I had the urge to make some toast with bacon jam the other day and let me just say I’m happy I did. Link to buy here: TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jam. AND use my code SKINNYPIG for 20% off!

iSouvlaki – Being half-Greek and born/raised in Astoria (the Greek capital of NYC), I always said Manhattan was severely lacking in casual Greek restaurants. Well, I’m happy to report that iSouvlaki is filling that empty space. The calamari was amazing; it was seasoned in such a way that it didn’t even need that squeeze of lemon, and the gyros have fries inside, just like in Mykonos. Also, the Tzatziki was perfect. Try it out asap if you find yourself in the East Village (only open for dinner currently as they open at 4 pm). Link here: iSouvlaki

King David Tacos – I feel bad for saying this, but I had NO clue who these guys were until this weekend. Delicious! Born in Austin, King David Tacos has a few outposts in NYC, and my breakfast taco drop experience was amazing. Made with Vital Farms fresh, fluffy eggs, and toppings ranging from refried beans, potatoes, chorizo, bacon, and more. My favorite may have been The Queen Bean or the Mom’s Migas. Link here to get your own Taco Drop: King David Tacos

Mekelburg’s – I’ve been here before, but this was the first time I ordered delivery from them (via Caviar), and it was so good I had to share. I got the potato leek soup (don’t judge me) and the “Provo Whiz Wit” which is Mekelburg’s speak for “Cheesesteak” made with dry aged steak. The bread was heftier than I would have liked (aka I prefer a bit softer, grease-soaked bread because I’m disgusting), but it was still delicious and timely. Link here: Mekelburg’s Williamsburg

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