Kung Fu Girl Riesling!

There is nothing I love more than a dry red wine, but in the summer, I tend to stray towards the white wines. With temperatures climbing to the high 90’s and that humid New York City air smacking you in the face, it’s hard to really enjoy a room-temperature glass of cabernet. So the other day I got home from work, cranked the AC and poured myself a nice glass of white. My pick for this random Wednesday evening? Kung Fu Girl Riesling ($12.99).

No I’m not making that up. I had read recently that Washington State has some of the best Riesling’s next to Oregon, so I discovered this odd-sounding one from Charles Smith and his winery, K Vintners. I was intrigued by the name of the wine, was almost ready to buy when I read the description of tasting notes, but was sold when I read this from his website:


If that’s not a good reason to buy wine I don’t know what is. Though in this case, it could be because of the peachy scent and dry, delicious taste – all for $12.99!

Girls Kick Ass!!

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