Starbucks Trying to Get Customers Back with $2 Beverage Promotion

In an effort to perhaps save their flailing monetary situation (or to create more loyal java-jolted customers), Starbucks is gearing up for a special promotion. Through September 2nd, customers who purchase something from their local Starbucks early in the day can come back after 2 pm, show their receipt and receive any iced Grande beverage for $2. This is a nationwide deal, and not a bad one either; an iced beverage at Starbucks usually cost $4 or more.

That being said, I personally am not a big fan of this promotion. First off, I don’t really like Starbucks, and second, the afternoon is the only part of the day I actually enjoy. It’s when New Yorkers get tired and slow down – if only for a few hours – so I can get away with napping at my desk. Now they want to make everyone perky and alert? I think they’re taking this whole "city that never sleeps" thing a bit too literally. And what if this really does help increase traffic and sales? I’m not damning them for being successful, but I was a little relieved when I heard that some Starbucks shops were closing. I mean do we really need a Starbucks on every corner, in every train station, in every Barnes and Noble?? 21st and 5th, 22nd and 6th, 23rd and 3rd, 23rd and Park, 23rd between 5th and 6th, 24th and 6th, 27th and 6th, 28th and 7th, 29th and Park – and that’s not even HALF of the amount all over the city. I mean does no one else find it strange that there are more Starbucks shops in one given area then there are places to eat? I guess we should be thanking our lucky stars that Starbucks serves food now too.

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  1. *$ (starbucks)

    Well, I have to disagree with your opinion “skinny” pig. I find is comforting that I can get my $8 cup o’ joe whenever I feel like it, no matter where I am in Manhatten. The locations are perfect for when I run out, I know I’m right next to another Starbucks. I’m never lost!! There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting a latte at 24th and 6th, and walk a block, chug the rest, and get a nice cool iced cappuccino at 23rd and 6th.

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