Piccola Cucina Soho Reopens This Week

I wasn't going to post today due to unbearable exhaustion/pulling my hair out over the World Series, so I will have to make this short and sweet. Or short and savory. Piccola Cucina in the West Village has reopened this week; and to celebrate, they are offering a complimentary glass of Prosecco for each customer during lunch and dinner until Sunday Nov. 8th. Some tasty pics and their signature dishes are pasted below: 

Piccola Cucina Soho Swordfish
Swordfish and tomato

 Piccola Cucina Cannoli
Cannoli with pistachios

Piccola Cucina Soho Interior


Signature Dishes:  Market Fish Carpaccio; Swordfish Rolls with buffala mozzarella and stewed tomatoes; Braised Beef Agnolotti with natural jus; Champagne Risotto with oysters and porcini essence; Tagliolini with artichokes and sea urchin; Grilled Lamd with herbs and Sicilian caponata; Cornish Hen with grilled mushrooms and natural jus; Panna Cotta with bellini sauce; Sicilian Cannoli with ricotta and candied fruit.  

Piccola Cucina

184 Prince St between Sullivan and Thompson



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