Pinkberry Launches New Chocolate Flavor Nov 27th

While making my weekly pilgrimage to Pinkberry on Sunday, I saw that they are planning to retire the Passionfruit flavor and replace it with a new Chocolate flavor on November 27th. Finally!! I always wondered what Pinkberry had against chocolate. According to one of the workers, Passionfruit is more of a summer flavor, so it will probably be brought back again during warmer months. So does that mean chocolate is now typecast as a winter flavor and will be retired once the temperature rises?? I hope not. Chocolate goes with all seasons, kind of like the color black. Therefore, chocolate is the new black…which is why they are launching it on Black Friday.

Apparently, Pinkberry Dallas got the chocolate flavor (aptly named "Chocolate Pinkberry") a few days ago at the store's launch party on Nov 13th. According to their blog, they brag that the Dallas location is the only city that has Chocolate Pinkberry right now. Well Dallas, get off your high horse, because New York is right behind you!  


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  2. I’m not agree that they wanted to retire the chocolate, I think as same as you chocolate is ideal for all the seasons and there’s many people that love chocolate like you and me, It is not a good idea.

  3. Virtue never grows old.

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