The Pump Opens in Midtown Today

Perfectly timed to open in the first week of the new year when everyone is diet-crazy, here comes The Pump. All the health nuts out there (whom I would imagine don't go near my blog) are probably really excited about this new location in Midtown. I passed by it a few times since it's in my hood…and I just shrugged. I imagine it's good – health food has come a long way and there's a few select people at work who swear by it for lunch. I also work with a bunch of anorexics and gym-rats who would rather eat soap than eat a cookie. In fact I just asked someone about it and her response was "best egg whites and brown rice." Um…can you really fuck that up to begin with? I think my brother can make egg whites and he burned pasta once. So…I guess I will have to try this one out and see for myself. This new location is also the only Pump in town that offers pre-set combo meals like the marinated chicken and veggie chili Mondorito Burrito. I think I'll order it tomorrow while I watch Jersey Shore – you know, fist pump with The Pump (womp womp).

The Pump
150 East 52nd st (btwn Lex and 3rd)

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