The Situation and The Apology at Summit Bar

No, that's not a new character on the Jersey Shore. Though I can see where the confusion lies…

Just before we all got snowed in last week, I visited Summit Bar on the LES where the lighting is dim and the drinks are unique. How unique? Well, they had a drink called The Situation. Need I say more?

The bar is kind of narrow in space, but the exposed brick wall, plush velvet banquettes and glowing sconces make for a perfect date spot or intimate gathering of friends. And when you have The Situation, who cares if you're rubbing elbows with strangers? Rarely have I had a drink made with whiskey that I actually enjoyed, but this one was good – Afghani Raisin infused Rittenhouse Rye, Caraway infused agave, fresh lemon and Summit orange bitters. Served in a wide tumbler (with a few of the biggest ice cubes I've ever seen), with a light peach/orange color, and slightly frothy – this Situation was a good one. Not too sweet and not too tart, you could really taste the lemon and the raisins. It kind of made me wish I was on an island somewhere lounging poolside…as I looked out the window and saw the snow pounding the ground. Oh well…

The Situation!

If you're not a mixologist or very advanced in your cocktail knowledge (i.e. vodka/soda is where it ends for you), the cocktails at Summit will probably stump you a bit. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on all things food and drink, but even I couldn't "taste" the drinks before I actually tasted them (which I can usually do), so I did what anyone would do in that situation (no pun intended, I swear) and took a shot on something, anything. I wanted something kind of sweet, kind of tart, and kind of strong…so I went with The Apology first. Old Raj gin, Cantena Chardonnay, apricot cordial, Summit safron orange bitters and a dash of St Germain. I happen to love orange and St Germain together, so I thought that one was quite delicious. Served in a martini glass, I bit into the apricot cordial first (who doesn't like fruit soaked in alcohol?), then I took a sip. Strong, tart, and orangey – just what I was looking for. I could certainly down a few of those after work on a Friday night.

Summit Bar
133 Avenue C
No Phone (how mysterious!)

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