Rioja Restaurant Week in NYC May 13-27!

Rioja rest week

Being a foodie in this city just keeps getting better and better. First it was the original Restaurant Week, then Martini Week, then Brooklyn Restaurant Week, and now they give us: Rioja Restaurant Week! What is that exactly? Well if you know a thing or two about wine, you know that Rioja is a region in Spain where they make many delicious wines (my favorite is the bold, red variety), and if you know anything about the food events in NYC that end in "week", you know that it usually means a prix-fixe meal of some sort. Ergo, we put the two together and you get a prix-fixe lunch or dinner with a complimentary glass of Rioja.

From May 13-27, 25 restaurants across NYC will be hosting Rioja Restaurant Week (list and links are below) with a $25 lunch or a $35 dinner including your glass of Rioja. This is a good idea in my opinion, because as much as I love RW, I always wish that they would include at least one drink; that's where all the money goes anyway. You can fancy up your grass-fed wagyu beef and truffle oil all you want, but when it comes down to it, the 3 glasses of Pinot you had is what jacks up the bill. So you can either drink less (why?) or let Rioja Restaurant Week give you a headstart and a few bucks back in your pocket.  

For participating restaurants and more info, click here. And for my picks, see below:

Agua Dulce

Yerba Buena

Las Ramblas




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