Update on Glad Recipe for Giving Contest

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of updates, but I moved to Williamsburg recently (ahh!) and I have no internet yet, so it's been difficult to write. I am at my good old day job right now, and I just wanted to give some more info on the Glad Recipe for Giving Contest, as I've been getting some feedback that the rules are a little confusing.

For this contest (and apparently this is the confusing part), Glad is using the word "recipe" to mean "idea". Basically, what they are looking for is an idea on how you would help give back to the community through food. It doesn't necessarily have to be something you've done in the past; in fact, new ideas are probably better anyway. And if you're into cooking, you can even submit REAL recipes along with your idea.

Example: "I volunteered at (insert location here) and made brownies for everyone! Then I donated half the money I made from brownie sales to (insert charity/organization here)." Or you could do: "I would like to host a cook-off for (insert charity/organization here) and the winner would get (insert dollars here) to help their organization." Make sense now?? It's not that hard. So submit your ideas, and whoever wins will get a $500 Amex gift card, and a matching donation will be made to Cookies for Kid's Cancer.

To submit your ideas, please comment on the original posting for this contest. Thanks to all for your interest and supporting this cause.  🙂   

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