Golosi’s Got Good Gelato – Pizza Needs Work

Golosi interior 

I stopped by Golosi pizzeria with my brother the other day for some pizza and such, and I have to say, I wasn't thrilled with the pizza, but I enjoyed the such. Or maybe just some such.

This bright pizzeria sits on the Upper East Side on 2nd ave, drawing in hungry Hunter college students and gelato-crazed children (escorted by their parents). There is seating upstairs and a few tables in front, but this is more of a grab and go place if you ask me. They do sell wine though, and considering it looks like a pretty standard pizza place, that's not a bad touch. I can see why the families come here: get the kids a nice sugar high while you get a nice buzz.

So here's the bad (and weird) news: I really didn't think the pizza was anything special. I'm sorry, but to me it didn't have a lot of flavor. My brother seemed to enjoy it, but he would eat a shoe if you disguised it as fast food. The pepperoni pizza was definitely better than the white pizza, but I attribute that mainly to the pepperoni adding some kick. I think the sauce was the culprit – it was just missing something.

Golosi white pizza 
Looks good right? For shame..

I actually liked this weird, HUGE sandwich they call the Calabrian - supposedly this is one of their specialties. This thing was enormous, and served in a thin, pita-style bread stuffed with Mortadella, roasted zucchini, squash, onions and fresh parm cheese. It had no sauce on it, but it had a really good taste. I was expecting it to be dry and weird, but somehow it really worked. I dont know when I would have the time to devote to eating all of it, but it's something you could easily split with someone..which is what we did.

Golosi Calabria 2 

So my favorite part of this meal was the dessert: gelato. Mmmm gelato. And this is not just because they had a Nutella flavor; believe it or not, the chocolate was the best flavor - pistachio and Nutella were tied for second in my eyes. Or my mouth. The lemon gelato was interesting, but it tasted more like a lemon ice than lemon gelato. So was it the best gelato I've ever had? No, but it was pretty solid and the chocolate flavors were really good. In fact, they are introducing "Free Scoop Friday" this week, Nov 19th. So if you happen to be in the area, swing by and pick up a scoop of freshly made chocolate, pistachio, amaretto, coconut, peach, nutella and more (they update their flavors daily).

Golosi Gelato 
Tasting much? Clockwise from left: pistacho, choc, lemon, Nutella


1304A Second Ave (btwn 68th and 69th st)

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