Disturbing Content Below: Shake Shack Nutritional Info

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Happy Friday! Despite the fact that I'm battling massive allergy attacks, I'm glad the weather is FINALLY starting to turn around. As I was walking home last night, it really hit me when I saw the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck parked on Bedford Ave, then it made me think of my favorite spring/summer treat: Shake Shack! The long lines are only tolerable when you can stand outside and NOT get frostbite, and due to the latest nutritional info that has been released on Shake Shack…I'm wondering if that line will get any shorter?

In the greasy and delicious burger shop world, there are few words scarier than "nutritional information". This is NOT information I want to know! And I imagine others feel the same way. If you eat Shake Shack every day, then you're asking for heart problems. I eat it rarely because I know it has to be packed with fat and calories, but knowing the exact number now hurts my heart in different ways. That said, would I stop eating it? HELL no. Would it alter what I order? Eh, doubt it. I MIGHT switch up my Peanut Butter shake for a Black and White. You know, save myself 110 calories (PB shake is 870, Black and White is 760 – good lord). In fact, as I looked it over, turns out the PB shake is nearly the highest calorie item on the menu! OF COURSE. The Shake Stack clocks in at 850. All this time I've been having the Single Shackburger (490) and a PB Shake when I could have omitted the shake, gotten just the Shake Stack and would have consumed less calories. But the PB Shake is so delicious…..

If you want to completely ruin your Friday like I just did, click here. And you know what? If you really want to see the silver lining here, NOTHING on the menu breaks 1000 cals. Hooray! 


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