Bites from Rickshaw Dumplings

I dropped in to Rickshaw Dumplings on 23rd st last week for lunch…and it was just ok. Interestingly enough, we had catered a party once with Rickshaw's food and I thought it was much better. Isn't that weird? I like their dumpling fillings, but I thought the dough had that slightly dry texture to them. Can you classify a dumpling as al dente? Because that's what these were like – kind of hard around the edges and too chewy. I like dumplings to be on the softer side. The dipping sauce was spicy and delicious, but the dumpling itself was a bit disappointing. AND I meant to try the infamous "chocolate soup dumpling", but I forgot to order it. FORGOT TO ORDER IT. I know I'm getting old but come on…




I got the Kimchi Beef dumplings. Nice on the inside, but see what I mean? They look dry.


Cucumber and jicama salad – this was actually very refreshing. Like. 

I just thought this was funny. NO GRABSIES!


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