Bites From Artichoke Basille

I like to pick things for Relatively Wordless Wednesdays that really need very little to NO words. I give you…Artichoke Basille pizza in the Meatpacking District..

Artichoke slice and Margherita slice. 

Artichoke Pie. Imagine delicious artichoke dip on bread. That's what this is. I'll admit, it gets a little redundant after a few bites, but the first few are SO. DAMN. GOOD. Then you just start to feel like a fatso.

Staten Island slices with meatballs, red onion, and ricotta…delish 

The Staten Island Pie. This one was actually my favorite; the meatballs were tender and savory, the red onion gave it a little kick and the creamy ricotta was nice and mild on top of the sweet tomato sauce. This one was good from the first bite to the last. And in my's even better when you steal the meatballs off of your friend's slices. 🙂


Artichoke Basille

328 East 14th st, at 10th ave

Best part: Open daily from 10:30 am – 5 am. Drunk nosh-spot? Yes. 


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