Thanksgiving Countdown: T-Minus 4 Days!

A day surrounding feasting, drinking and family (which, in my case, usually leads to more drinking)… I am ALL about Thanksgiving. Last year I cooked thanksgiving dinner here in Brooklyn, and it was such a good turnout that I will be doing it again this year. I don't get older, I just get better…in the kitchen at least.

As I was saying. To me, this holiday should be spent at home, and the ONE time my family decided to go out to eat for Thanksgiving, I put up such a fight you would have thought they were trying to send me to boarding school in Switzerland. Perhaps one day, now that I am incapable of getting away with throwing tantrums, I will give it another shot. Yes. I will force myself to have a grandiose meal cooked by a trained professional. When you put it that way, it doesn't so bad…and when you discover a place that serves deep fried turkey, it sounds even better. Juicy, deep-fried bird without the threat of burning down my home? Something to be thankful for, I'd say. Neely's BBQ Parlor to the rescue!

You know the Neely's – the sugary sweet cooking couple from The Food Network show, Down Home With The Neelys – well they have Thanksgiving covered for you, whether you want to eat out, or eat in without any of the labor. You can order your Thanksgiving dinner (serves 4-5) for pickup for $160, or you can dine in with as many as you'd like and take advantage of the 3-course prix-fixe menu for $29.95 pp. Below is the menu for pickup:

Deep-fried turkey with gravy, Cornbread dressing with country sausage, Mashed potatoes or yams, green beans with bacon, Gina's collard greens, Roasted Autumn squash with tupelo honey, cranberry-orange sauce, Spinach salad with spiced pecans, cranberries and blue cheese dressing, Buttermilk biscuits, and a 10" pumpkin pie for dessert.

Not. too. shabby.

Click here to check out the menus.



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  1. Deep fried turkey! What the!!! I can’t imagine what that would taste like.
    Also side note since you mentioned cornbread. Well I have lived in Australia for 28 years without trying it. I tried it for the first time the other day and fell in love! It is so yummy!

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