A Week in Sushi: Sushi Seki and Bozu

Sushi from Bozu, BK

If there is one thing I crave like a maniac (besides chocolate), it’s sushi. I know, who craves fish? I do! And last week I had two glorious sushi experiences; one from Bozu in Williamsburg, and one from Sushi Seki in the Manhattan.

Bozu sits on Grand Street between Roebling and Havemeyer in an old industrial space (shock), and their take on sushi is a little different. For instance, what is a sushi “bomb”? Well apparently it’s a little mound of rice topped with fish, vegetables, and some form of sauce. We ordered the Mc Low Bomb, which is white rice, tuna, avocado, and wasabi cream sauce dolloped on top. Delightful. I could have foregone the sushi (though that was good too) for a nice selection of bombs. They are the bomb. Is that where they got the name..?


The sushi was pretty excellent too – the Hamachi roll (yellowtail, scallion, shiso and wasabi) and the AB Crunchy Roll (boiled shrimp, tempura flake, and spicy mayo) were our favorites, and I always have to get a spicy tuna roll, which was good too but nothing I haven’t had before. Spicy tuna rolls are never THAT spicy, so I like to mix wasabi in my soy sauce for that extra punch. Fortunatlely for people like me, Bozu gives you three soy sauces: one is plain, one is mixed with a little wasabi, and another is mixed with a lot of wasabi. Delicious, but beware; that last one will sting the nasal cavity.


Bozu: good service (albeit not the fastest), trendy, nice spot for a date, awesome bombs, inventive menu. Oh and it’s a short walk to Momofuku Milk Bar for dessert…just sayin… Bozu website and menu

Now onto Sushi Seki. My friend Inbal has been trying to get me to come here for the longest time, and we finally made a visit to 62nd and 1st ave for some sushi. First I will point out that their miso soup is really good; miso soup is one of my standard starters, so I’ve had my share and this was one was great. But now for the real deal..

miso soup

Spicy scallop roll. Not something I would have ordered on my own, but I’m glad she forced me to because it was delicious. A little crunchy, a little spicy, and the scallop almost tastes sweet. I swear it barely needs soy sauce.

Seared whitefish sashimi and yellowtail jalapeno sashimi were awesome. Seared whitefish! I’ve never had that before…and I normally don’t like whitefish that much. Reminds me of the Jewish delis with that whitefish salad that looks gross. Sorry Dad, but it does. Anyway this fish is mild, lightly crisped and browned, and salty. Again..no soy sauce needed here.

Sashimi from left: chopped eel with avocado (also very good), seared whitefish, yellowtail jalapeno

Sushi Seki: Authentic feel, good place to catch up with friends or a casual date, really fresh and tasty sashimi and rolls. Click here for menu

If you haven’t tried sushi, I suggest you suck it up and get on that. It’s so fresh and delicious when made right, it shouldn’t taste fishy at all. That’s how you know you’ve got bad sushi if it tastes fishy. I have just given you two very good options to try it out..and some of the sushi is cooked, so you can ease your way into it. Do it. GO FISH!



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