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These past few weeks I have been dabbling in a lot of restaurants, though just for some quick bites, not full blown meals. No, I’m not depressed or anything, I just have been trying this thing called portion control. I had to look it up in the dictionary first, but it’s this weird concept where you DON’T eat everything on the menu. Who knew? So anyway…one of my stops was Rogue & Canon – a cute bar/restaurant in the west village, with an enticing menu. Anytime I see deviled eggs on a menu I’m automatically sold, just FYI.

Deviled eggs are just delicious. I have not met too many of these that I don’t like, but these were very good. I didn’t have time to take a picture because they disappeared so fast…into my mouth. Sorry. So let’s move on to something that I can tease your eyeballs with, like the Cheese & Mac. Why is it not Mac & Cheese? Maybe there was a slight loss of creativity there, but I assure you, whatever is lost in the name, is made up for in the actual dish. Orecchiette pasta, firehouse cheddar, aged gouda, gruyere, and toasted thyme breadcrumbs. The cheese is really creamy, perhaps a little on the thin side for me, but the nutty bite from the gruyere and sharpness from the cheddar is so good it doesn’t really matter. Get this.

Few things tingle me the way mac n cheese does.
Few things tingle me the way mac n cheese does. Excuse me, “Cheese & Mac”

As a Greek person (or half-Greek person), I am basically wired to eat lamb in any way, shape, or form. The Sloppy Joe Lamb sliders were AWESOME. First of all, Sloppy Joes are one of my all time favorite nostalgic “kid” foods – I suppose the same could be said for mac n cheese – but Sloppy Joes hold a special place in my heart. The ones at Rogue & Canon are tender and juicy, topped with a curry-yogurt-cucumber relish, and served (sloppily) on a potato roll. CRUCIAL. Anyone who serves a Sloppy Joe on anything other than a potato roll should be punched in the gut.


Here’s one dish I would not go out of my way for: the ricotta gnudi. Even though they were light and fluffy, with pea tendrils, carrots and baby peas – they definitely sounded a lot better than they tasted. It was just kind of blah – no punch, needed salt, and just overall FLAVOR.

All looks, no depth.
All looks, no depth. 

Now, HERE is where they put the flavor: Duck. Duck. Pig. That’s what it’s called. How can you go wrong with a name like that? ¬†Chorizo, potato hash, brussels sprouts, topped with a poached duck egg, duck prosciutto (yes this is a thing and you NEED it), and drizzled with just enough of a sweet and tangy beer BBQ sauce. I would eat this every day. It’s protein, right? Thank me later.

So delicious. I need it.
So delicious. I need it. 

I would head back to Rogue & Canon for more, but I have other restaurants to dabble in. Portion control doesn’t mean VARIETY control, AMIRITE?!

Stay tuned, pigs and piglets!


Rogue & Canon

128 West Houston St


Website: Rogue & Canon

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